Broadstairs Kent
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Facebook groups/pages:

Broadstairs! (Public Group) 4211 members (at 23feb15)

This is a lively group run by Seth with some great contributions from many members. Disappointing to see some threads get deleted when they relate to politics etc. A well-run group on the whole.

All About Broadstairs (Closed Group) 535 members (at 23Feb15)

This group is run by Andy and was set up in November after a few disgruntled members of Seth's group got fed-up with threads being deleted. It claims no moderation although it has been quiet recently.

Living in Broadstairs (Public Group) 153 members at 23Feb15)

A pleasant group run by Cemanthe. Only discussions that don't involve politics etc will be permitted. All other threads get deleted. We wish they wouldn't welcome each new member! It makes finding the 'normal' threads very difficult as you have to wade through all the 'welcome' posts!